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Richard D. Mere helps victims of car accidents, trucking accidents, maritime accidents as well as those who have been harmed by physical and sexual abuse. Mr. Mere is one of a small number of attorneys in the region who handle personal injury cases stemming from domestic violence and sexual abuse; many firms avoid these cases because it is harder to win damages directly from a perpetrator than from a well-funded insurance company. But as your advocate, Mr. Mere will help you hold an abuser accountable through personal injury law.

Mr. Mere is one of the few attorneys in southwest Louisiana who takes personal injury cases involving domestic violence and sexual abuse. As your legal advocate, Mr. Mere will help you navigate both family law and personal injury law to create a safe environment and hold an abuser accountable through financial compensation for their actions.

A Solid Attorney Prepared To Advocate For You And Defend Your Rights

When you need a personal, approachable and effective attorney, Richard D. Mere, LTD, in Lafayette, Louisiana, will provide the reassurance and legal advice that you need. With more than 25 years of practicing attorney Richard D. Mere has guided many clients through matters related to family law, criminal defense and personal injury. We can help you, so contact us online or call at 337-269-5555.