What Is A Mediation? by Richard D. Mere Attorney At Law

Are you, or someone you care about, in the middle of a divorce or custody battle? Is a battle coming, even if it isn’t here yet? Isn’t there a better way than an expensive courtroom fight? Yes there is! You could Mediate. Mediation is when a trained mediator helps you[…]

Estate Planning: Richard D. Mere Attorney At Law

This is the time of the year for family and friends, for joy, closeness, and communication. It is also a time, before the new year, to reflect and make sure our responsibilities to our family have been met. Do your friends and relatives know what to do for your children[…]

Dating, After Filing For Divorce: Richard D. Mere Attorney At Law

A friend has asked me about dating, after filing for divorce. Before I begin, I need to make clear that this is not a moral judgment, or a statement of what is morally, religiously, or ethically right or wrong, but simply the legal ramifications of a decision to date, after[…]